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Everything You Need To Know About Silverwood Lake Camping

Shhhh – do you hear that? That’s the sound of your next adventure calling. Are you going to listen? Or are you just going to stay home, idly looking outdoors wishing you had answered that call in the first place?

If I can give you one piece of advice for the rest of your life, it’s to listen to that call – that urge from within your soul telling you to go out and explore the world around you. After all, we only have one life to live, right?

What better way to live it than to visit all the places you can? I’ve written about quite a few wonderful destinations in the US, but there is one place that has been a family favorite ever since my sons were young – Silverwood Lake.

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5 Must Know Simple Techniques On How To Lace Hiking Boots

Do you love your hiking boots? I do. But sometimes, they don’t always feel comfortable especially during long hikes. No matter how hard I try, I can't find hiking boots that fit just right. 

I’m sure it’s the same with you. It can be difficult to find a pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes that fit correctly without any problems. It’s even harder to know how to lace hiking boots properly.

They may feel fine at first, but then 30 minutes later, your toes start aching, your foot begins to feel tight, or you start getting blisters because your heels keep slipping.

Over the years, I’ve learned different techniques to go around this problem to help make both my hiking boots and my low-cut shoes fit better and more comfortab. The secret? The shoelaces.

Today, we will go through five basic techniques to properly tie your hiking boots. If you read until the end, you’ll see a way to combine these techniques to create a custom way of lacing!

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11 New And Classic Hiking Songs To Get You Moving In 2017

Music is a great way to enhance any experience. It can affect your mood, help you concentrate while studying, or give you a burst of energy when hiking through those lovely backcountry trails or breathtaking mountains.

On those days when my husband or kids don’t want to come on a hike, I find myself reaching for my iPod instead, which is filled with all kinds of hiking songs to keep me company while I’m out on the trail.

Over the years I’ve amassed a pretty diverse playlist filled with songs (both classic and new) that I find heighten my hiking experiences. I’ve chosen 11 of my favorite songs to share with you today, so check them out!

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Stay Protected With The Best Rain Pants Of 2017

Being out with nature can be an amazing experience but Mother Nature knows no bounds. You can be enjoying your trip and then out of nowhere end up drenched in rain, stuck in the middle of a storm.

But every good hiker knows about Mother Nature’s unpredictability and knows how to come prepared – so should you. Having the best rain pants will give you a little bit of protection and keep you dry during an unexpected downpour.

I’m here to help you look for the best pair of rain pants you can get because I know first hand how difficult it can be to get caught up in the rain unprepared.

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Top 47 Camping And Hiking Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

When preparing for your next camping trip, it is a good idea to get as much information as possible. I know you often have trudge through too many uninformative sites to get to the good information because I’ve spent a lot of time searching as well.

Among the slew of camping and hiking blogs that you can find on Google alone, there are a few that stand out. This is because of their ability to provide almost all of the information you need about camping and hiking.

So, the next time you want to learn something about camping and hiking, consider visiting these 47 blogs that I feel are worth following. Just note that the blogs featured are arranged in no particular order - I’m a fan of all of them. So, here they are!

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