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What Is The Best Propane Fire Pit For 2017?

There’s nothing like a nice, warm fire to roast some marshmallows on or cuddle around during a cold night while camping. But sometimes, building a wood fire can take some time and might be difficult for those who are inexperienced.

That’s where propane fire pits come in. A propane fire pits is a versatile outdoor tool that you can use during camping to keep you and your family warm or even cook your meals over.

Having the best propane fire pit will save you a lot of trouble and difficulties that you might normally get with a regular, wooden campfire.

I’ve selected the top five propane fire pits that you can check out to use with your family during your camping trips.

I’ll also give you a brief explanation of what a propane fire pit is, the advantages of using one, some things to look for before making your final decision, and of course, tips for safety and maintenance.

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What Are The Best Tent Stakes That You Can Use?


A tent is only as strong as the stakes that hold it down – well, at least in some cases. That’s why having the best tent stakes is extremely important so you don’t end up with a tent that gets blown away in the middle of the night.

Usually, people only think carefully about selecting a tent, but stakes are a critical component that will contribute to your tent’s overall strength.

There are a lot of different types of tent stakes out there varying in material, size, shape, and weight, which is why choosing your tent stakes can be difficult at times. That’s what I’ll be helping you with right now.

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The 5 Best Backpacking Cookware Of 2017

Refueling after a long day of backpacking is really important. Sometimes freeze-dried meals will do the trick, but other times, you might find yourself longing for a proper hot meal.

This is where the best backpacking cookware comes in, to give you that extra bit of comfort through a freshly cooked meal, while you’re high up in the mountains or deep inside a forest.


My goal with product review articles like this is to help make your life just a little bit simpler when it comes to choosing all kinds of gear for camping and hiking.

Today, I’ll be helping you find the best cookware to fit your backpacking needs. We will also be discussing some of the things you should look for when making your selection.

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What Is The Best Pop Up Tent For 2017?

There’s no doubt in my mind that camping is one of the best things you can do to relax and have fun, whether on your own, with friends, or with family. It definitely is my favorite thing to do – after loving my family, of course!

But through my many years of sleeping in the wilderness, I’ve discovered the one thing people often struggle with: setting up a tent. Yes, it’s true; you can end up spending hours trying to figure out how to set up a tent, especially if you’re new.

Luckily, companies have started to develop what is known as the “pop-up” tent, or the “instant” tent, and taking the time to find the best pop up tent will save you from the struggles of setting up your tent.

Whether you’re camping on the beach or in the forests, I’ve got you covered with my list of the top five best pop up tents that you can easily find on Amazon.

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